Friday, June 26, 2009

The new Baby at Gazelle Models

Our next Romian girl is comes from Gazelle Models and is called Bianca.She is super new at Gazelle Models and the new Baby in the New Face department.Bianca will start to build her book and to make her first steps in Modeling in the future and when the time will come ,she will going far away in Modeling,we could imagine a great carrer for this amazing new Face.Her long blonde hair fits perfect in her very fresh face ,her face is expression is really fresh and in her eyes we can see a kind of melachony and also a really cool Look in this she shows herself great.We will keep an eye on her and will update her new Pics ,which come for sure in not so long time,meet Bianca !

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Never forget Anisia

Anisia Popescu @ Yes Model Management
We saw Anisia for long time ago ,we can remember it was in 2007 ,Anisia was there very young and started already with Modeling.We alwals kept an eye on her and can say she made first steps ! Anisia comes from Romania her Agency is Yes Model Management and she is now 18 years old and finished school.Cute,cuter ,super cut she is.Her face is very fresh,in her latest Polas with the black sweat-shirt ,she looks very different in one Pic strong,in the other one cute&young,in the latest just flawless and gorgeous.175 is she tall (83-60-89) and has a great Body as well.This girl is going to be bigger and bigger for every day,next works will be arrive soon ,we can´t wait ! Have a look at Anisia .

IMG's next big thing

Whitney Coble @ IMG Models
We just came across Withney Coble's book, containing high quality editorial pictures, on IMG Paris' development board. She comes originally from a small town in Texas, but according to some serious sources, she should immediately pack her bags and leave her hometown in order to move to the world biggest fashion metropolis - She won't be sorry about that! What we want to say is that this freckled 18 years old beauty is just about having her major breakout.She is 178 tall (83-61-87). Good that she finished already school, so she can without compunction bring High Fashion modeling into her focus. We all are sure that she will not be one of these "2 season models", she will make it big! So keep an eye on her!

Alina Drozd is gone fair away to Kuala Lumpur

Alina Drozd @ Eskimo Models Island
Alina is born in Silberia in Russia and signed up with Eskimo Models.After some weeks she got a Contract with Major Models in Paris as welll with New York Models in NYC.This girl with the brown long hair and her green strong and powerfull eyes is going big in Modeling.Her face is interevible beautifull ,her eyes shows an expression which we don´t see often.Alina is now 19 years old and 179 tall (79-58-88) and now she is in Kuala Lumpur and is making her first Modeling steps there with Andrews Models ,I wish her good luck !!! And I can´t wait to see her previously works from Asia.Go Alina

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The new readhead Guilia !

Giulia Olenroot @ maxmodels (Rotterdam)
She's 176 ( 82-61-91) and a readhead ! She's with Max Models in the Amsterdam and Giulia comes as well from the Netherlands. She just signed up with Mega Models in Hamburg (Germany) and is making her first steps in modeling now. Her tooths are special and give her a strong öook. Her green eyes fits perfect to her Look her mouth is like an heart just gorgeous. She reminds me total of Luisa Bianchin from her expressions. I can't wait to see her new tests,but for sure it won't need so long time. Have a look at the great diamant Guilia

New Test Pics from Michalina

Michalina Glen @ Eastern Models

We just received Michalina's new Test pitures from her second test, and can say this girl is rising so fast in modeling.We couldn't imagine some weeks ago.Michalina started Modeling about one month ago by Eastern Models in Poland, and is already signed in Paris with Karin Models. The only 16 years old girl is already 179m tall (83-61-89).She is a very classical and also promising beauty, her face is strong, soft and very fresh at the same ,her bone structure fits perfect on her.We will keep on an eye on this girl !

Meet Sage N. !

Sage N. @ Liz Bell Agency
Well, Liz Bell´s New Face is called Sage ! She comes from Canada is quite new.She started Modeling not so long time ago.We looked for many times at her Book at Liz Bell and decided to write about this classical brown as well readhead girl.Her big green eyes and her full red lips give her a shy and cute look in her Polaroids but in her Tests you can see the Strong Model with the big potential which shows herself best.Sage is 176 tall (86-60-90) has a great Body ,what else to say ? A Canadian girl is making her way in Modeling and we are already excited to see her newest works in future.

Geri is new !

Geri Ruissen @ Mode Models
We started to search in Canada for new faces,we found Mode Models which present girls like Meghan Collison one of the topmodels in the world and also we found our new fave is Mode Models ,Guess who it is ? She called Geri Ruissen and is ready to go big in Modeling.Geri is 5.11 tall (34-24-35) her body fits perfect in the Model World ,we already see her in New York,Paris,London,Milan.Her face is even more than unique its the same as Karlie Kloss just a tick more cute,her blue eyes and blonde hair gives her a very fresh and cute Look.Have a look at Geris Polaroids !

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Twyla a pure diamond beauty !

Twyla @
I Model Management (Canada)
Yes, we are definitely love Twyla. She was discovered by I Model Management in Canada! Have a look on her face. Everything is at the right place ,her powerful eyes which are just amazing ,her lips who look like the lips from Sasha Pivovarova ,her perfect skin all is simply great on her.She's now 19 years old and 177m. tall ,she has already done great experience in modelling and have a gorgeous portfolio but her polas are gorgeous a pure diamond .Take a look at Twyla
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Women Model Managemend was founded in New York in 1988 with an inspiration to embrace non traditional beauty. Over the past two decased Women has launched the carers of models such as Carmen Kass, Isablia Fontana, Julia Stegner, Kate Moss, Natasha Poly etc.

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