Monday, August 31, 2009

Meet Avalon !

Avalon @ Ragazza Model Management (Netherlands)

There is a face at the Ragazza Model Management board in the Netherlands. she stands out with her look, she has a special look, it's divine, like an interesting and thrilling book. You can not stop, to read it. The same is with Avalon, but in her case, you can not stop, with looking at her pictures. Such a strong gaze with these impressive facial expressions, such blue intensive eyes, such a great face shape, everything is simply perfect in Avalons face. The young beauty has a rising potential, and shows this already in her test pictures. Every single picture is unique. Avalon comes from the Netherlands and was scouted by Ragazza Model Management. She's 178m tall (80-61-89). The doors are open for Avalone. Write her name down and follow her steps.

Development diary - Brianna

Brianna‏ @ I Model Management (Canada)

I Model Management always have promising new faces. One of them is Brianna. She was just scouted by I Model Management and she's brand new in modeling. My first impression of her is huge. She's a very delicate and classical beauty with strong features. The shape of her face is very soft and these brown melancholy eyes are very young and fresh. Her facial expressions are variously. The very young beauty with 14 years is still in her development and starts to show herself in front of the camera in her first test shots. Brianna goes step by step, she has the time to develop herself and needn't to be in hurry. She's now 177 centimeters tall. Take a look at her flawless single polaroids !

Friday, August 28, 2009

Meet Darya !

Darya Isakova @ Fashion Group Consulting (Paris)

I think it is today the right time, to introduce Darya here. Sometimes it is not the right time to introduce someone. It can be too early if the new face is still not ready, but for Darya is now the best time , to introduce her here. My first impression, of this beauty is huge. She has an intensive gaze, from a natural smile over a strong breathtaking facial expression. The beauty with the, 180m tall centimeters (85-60-90) comes from Russia, her mother agency is Fashion Group Consulting in Paris, in Germany is she with Modelwerk. Darya is now in her best years with her 24. She is ready to become a big model. Sometimes, happen wonders, faster than expected. The doors are open for Darya.

Magical beauty !

Patricia Vojtickova @ Eskimo Models (Slowakia)

With good music in the background and, with the right feeling goes everything from alone. The inspirations and ideas drizzle in my mind and I can start to introduce Patricia here. She's a girl with a rising potential, this cute face shape and, these freckles are just simply perfect in her face. Patricia's eyes are not only lovely. They are mysterious and very intensive, like a magnet. She's magical with this brilliant face and such a mane of perfect hair. From the head to the toes is everything at the right place. Patricia comes from Slovakia and was discovered by Eskimo Models , she's with IT Models in Milano. The 179m tall (82-62-86) beauty is now 16 years old, and will go very soon to Milan ! Take a look at her precious and natural pictures. isn't she impressive ?

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Development diary - Basia

Basia Hordynska @ Eastern Models (Poland)

Basia is one of the cutest girls at the moment with this merry and sensational look, she caught my eyes with this polaroids. Such a simply perfect girl, her style is natural and her look is just adorable, perhaps too beautiful ? She has big brown uncanny eyes and so long shiny hair, like in a dream. Basia just came back from London. She stayed there with First Model Management, her mother agency is Eastern Models in Poland, Basia comes from there. The beauty is now 17 years old and has a representation of 180m. It's only a question of the time til we see Basia everywhere. Have a look at her remarkable polaroids !

Meet Olga !

Olga Calpajiu @ Mandarina Models (Romania)

It's time to go back to Mandarina Models in Romania. I just received these fantastic pictures of Olga and my first impression of her is, huge, she has splendid full lips. Her face is very strong, and also soft with her many cute freckles. Her test pictures are absolutely stunning. She has in every single picture a different facial expression. The 21 years old beauty is a big face in modeling. She has already done many editorials and some campaigns. She comes from Moldovia in Romania and her mother agency is, Mandarina Models, she is also with Major Model Management worldwide. Olga is my suprise of the day, with a height of 5'11m and measurements of 34'5-24-34'5, is she, simply perfect !

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Development diary - Kat

Kat @ Ford Models (New York)

Ford Models have always some of the greatest new faces on their board. Every new face of Ford Models, has her own look, but all have one thing in common. The promising and unique look. Kat, is one of their promising new faces. She's very new and was discovered, through the V Magazine/Ford Model Contest. Kat is very impressive. She has an intensive and powerful gaze. It's difficult to find the correct words for this kind of facial expressions, if you take a touch of cuteness and a touch of uniqueness. You will get a mix of both and then, if you give a bit of enchanting into this mix, you will get Kat, a 17 years old beauty from the USA. She's still in her development, her potential is huge. Take a look at her precious pictures, which were a shot by Jonathan Leder .

Meet Gosia !

Gosia @ Wonder Models (Poland), IT Models (Italia), Modelwerk (Germany)

This morning I have received this adorable package with Gosia's pictures. My first impression is huge, such a beautiful face, like a work of art, very symmetrical, flawless, wonderful big green eyes. Gosia has a face which, is full of remarkable expressions, she's impressive and she comes from our boutique agency, Wonder Models in Poland, I have introduced some of their stunners in the last months here, like Marta, Marysia. Back to Goisa, she's with IT Models in Milano, UNO in Barcelona and Modelwerk in Hamburg. The next big step for the eighteen years old beauty is Bangkok, she will stay there with Apple Models. Take a look on her precious pictures from her portfolio and write the name of the 179m. tall beauty with simply perfect measurements 86-60-90 onto !

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

An editorial with a speacial touch of presence !

An editorial with a special touch of energy. Alina's poses are not only the simply classical poses of a Model. In these editorial from Oyster Magazine, plays Alina with the camera and shows unusual poses. Unusual is in this case. That she shows a special kind of poses. Like, elegance, cuteness, uniqueness but also freshness. Such glimpses and facial expressions, like Alina's, I see not very often. The editorial is everything, but definitly not classical. Alina is with our boutique agency Models International in NY. She is such an impressive and thrilling person with such a rising potential, have a look at her portfolio here. Alina is now 20 years old and has the perfect body shape with a height of 179m and measurements of 79-64-86, isn't she impressive ? For sure, we will hear in future more from the beauty.

Meet Ola !

Ola Scislewska @ 23MANAGEMENT (Poland), Silent Models (Paris)

A new day, a new face from 23 Management in Poland, 23 Management is a boutique and a small agency in Warsaw. They don't represent many models, but all the faces who are with 23 Management are successful. I looked, on this mornig, on some websites from agencies in Poland through their new faces boards and found Ola in 23 Management. She has a huge and thrilling look in her pictures. She is such a natural beauty with a flawless look, a very soft skin, an intensive gaze. Ola is 16 years old and 173 tall (78-60-88). I would wish some centimeters more, but Ola needn't to be taller with this face and this potential. She is just simply perfect. Ola is with Silent in Paris, Fashion in Miland and Colors Models in Barcelona. She has just shot a Shoting in Paris for the new face special in AMICA. What's else to say about her ?

Monday, August 24, 2009

Simply perfect - Kristina

Kristina Vetchinkina @ Image Discovery (Ukraine)

There is a new discovery at the board from Image Discovery. She looks, like an elf. a face, which says more than thousand words, and a skin like porcelain, very symmetric, very pure, uncanny big mysterious eyes, a flawless face, almost like a doll. Kristina has a very big potential, she is like a new diamant on the market. Fresh, stunning and impressive and simply perfect for both, editorials and fashion shows with a height of 177m. She comes from the Ukraine and is 16 years old. Soon, we will see first test pictures of the beauty with the special features. but now, have first a look at her polaroids, is she not thrilling ? She is a girl, what should be stayed in your minds.