Sunday, August 2, 2009

Summer interview with Hanna Rundlöf

Summer interview with fashionmodel
Hanna Rundlöf

Who is Hanna : Hanna is quite new in modeling, she started about one year ago. She went in many shows while the fashionweek, corectly it were 46 Shows (Karl Lagerfeld, Chloé, Jil Stuart ...) she walked also in the Resort Shows, now, we all can see Hanna in the new D&G Womenswear Campaign.

Samira : Hanna, where is your favorite place ?
Hanna Rundlöf : My favourite place is my home town, Falköping. Its small and cousy and I know most of the people there. There is no place like home! :)

Samira : What is your favourite summer drink ?
Hanna Rundlöf : My favourite summer drink is cocacola! Im addicded. Haha..

Samira : What is your favourite summer food ?
Hanna Rundlöf : For sure, babercued food with swedish fresh potatoes and a nice salad!

Samira : Do you like summer more or winter ?
Hanna Rundlöf : I love summer. Because i love beeing outside and go swimmng! I do like winter when its a lot of snow so I can go skiing.. But as i guess most of the people think i like summer more!

Samira : What is your favourite music ?
Hanna Rundlöf : It is alternative pop and indie rock! My favourite band is Mando diao.

Enjoy !

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