Thursday, August 13, 2009

A new kind of beauty

Megan Hostetter @ Models International (NY)

There is a new kind of beauty, a kind which, I have never seen before. A girl who is so especially and enthralling, like a raw diamant, with a rising potential without an end. She has a mysterious, but also a classical look. A bit from the 90s and a bit of Irina Mastikhina, a gaze of romantic, cuteness and pure freshness, her full, lovely lips and cute freckless are thrilling. Megan is an American girl, she is the newest girl from Models International in New York. With Megans 18 years, and her height of 175m. Can she works perfectly in the business. She is a diamant in the ruff, and her potential is ready to be discovered in the big fashion world.

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