Behind All about Models

About All about Models:
All about Models is a blog about new faces from all over the world. You can see everyday another new face from another agency. That Blog is a kind of online paper.
About me:
I'm Samira. I come from Germany and I started All about Models in June 2009. I love the modelling industry, because it's simply various and interesting. Day after day come new faces and other faces leave the industry. It's interesting to follow it. I can remember, when I was 11 I bought my first Vogue with Doetzen Kroes on the cover and thought only - she's so pretty. With the years I got more and more interested in modelling and I started my own blog, which shows my interests with my own concept.

Contact me:
Feel always free to contact me, if you have any question or if you would like to introduce me your new faces, my e-mail adresse is

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