Friday, June 18, 2010

Meet Hook's Marta ...

Marta Owczarzak @ Hook Models (Poland)

Surprises are always possible. We discovered Marta some days ago in our postbox. And yes, she's definitely a surprise for us. Marta has special features and you won't be able to overlook them easily. From her interesting face, her lovely facial expressions, up to her convincing presence in front of the camera. And her silhouette of 5'10 (178m. 84-59-90). Well, Marta comes from Poland, is 20 years old and she's signed to the Polish power house, Hook Models (Mother agency of girls such as, Ramona Chmura etc.). Marta is in our eyes ready to explore the world. She has all factors, that a model should have. Make sure to have seen her single images, and to keep an eye on her way in the modeling industry.

One other thing, be ready for Monday. All about Models will change a lot....


  1. yeees, Marta is great! I wanted to write about her also ;) I hope she will do well :)
    What will be on Monday? Can't wait, I'm really curious!

  2. Yes, indeed she’s really promising. Well, for Monday - keep an eye here and you’ll see it, big surprise

  3. she is stunning; it's hard to take your eyes off her. Very promising indeed. great blog