Friday, October 30, 2009

A girl with special features ...

Darya @ Bloom Model Management (New York)

She's new, she's fresh and she has the certainly special, from her head up to her toes. Well, we speak about Darya. She comes from the Ukraine and is one of the newest faces at the board from Bloom Model Management in New York. It's our first stop at the office from Bloom Model Management, but definitely not our last one. They have some promising faces on their board. But back to her. The beauty has a height of precious 6'0 (33-24-34). Her face is really strong, she has an intense and eye-catching eyes and a gaze, which is to describe with a touch of cuteness. Take a look at her three single pictures. Isn't she remarkable ? Darya has such a great presence and such nice poses in front of the camera. It's for sure not the last time that we hear about her.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Meet Justine !

Justine @ Jill Models Management (Belgium)

Have you ever seen such an impressive girl ? With such a well formed face, eyes, which tell more than words and a gaze, which is simply cute and intense. Well, if you don't know her yet, then it's time to see the beauty. Her name is Justine. She comes from Belgium and was discovered by our power house Jill Models Management . Justine is with her height of 175 centimeters (78-58-86) simply great for editorials and fashion shows. She has without any doubts a promising look. It's sure that we will be able to hear in the future more about the beauty. Take a look at her two single pictures. Hasn't she charisma and a natural look in front of the camera ? She has it definitely. Write Justine's name down...

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

True development diaries ...

Milena Hajzler @ Eastern Models (Poland)

It's magical. Imagine, a brand new face, who just started modeling and who has only six single polaroids, which are adorable. Well, you will get Milena. She just started modeling with the polish boutique agency, Eastern Models. Milena is sweet 16 years old, she has a silhouette of 179m. (79-58-85) and a look, which is simply magical and adorable. Such an impressive face shape, such intense eyes and a gaze, which is to describe with uniqueness. The young beauty made not only our day, she made as well the day of Eastern Models. It's for sure not the last time that we hear about Milena. She should be stayed for long time in our minds.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

And there was Freya

Freya @ Clyne Management (Auckland)

The days are shorter and darker. It's already very soon November. And like always, we are looking for the newest new faces. We made at this time, a stop at the other side on our globe, in the office from Clyne Model Management . We introduce here already some faces from Clyne Model Management. Like Kendell. But there is also another new face on their board, who is definitely eye-catching. Her name is Freya. She has caught in our eyes, with her fresh and melancholy look. From her well formed face, up to her intense and very cute gaze. Freya is an outstanding face. She's now 20 years old and has a height of glorious 174m. Take a look at her single pictures. Isn't she a true beauty ? ...

Back to Andrada ...

Andrada Ungureanu @ Avant-Garde Models (Romania)

Do you remember the romanian girl with the name Andrada ? In front of three months, we have shown Andrada here with her stunning polaroids. Now we are back with brand new test pictures from London. They were a shot by Lumir Schulz . Andrada was quite busy in the last months, she has been in London and Milano for some nice works. Have a look at her simply great new test pictures. She has built a strong gaze. Andrada was discovered by Avant-Garde Models in Romania. (She's with JOY Models in Milano and First Model Management in London). It's for sure not the last time that we speak about the 175m high beauty.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Development diaries - Gintare

Gintare Vosiliute @ Metopolitan Models Agency (Lithuania)

Gintare is one in a million and she's definitely one of our favourite new faces in this month. Gintare has stunning features in her look, from her symmetrical face shape, her piercing eyes up to an expression, which tells more than words. It's very fresh with a touch of uniqueness and cuteness. The young 5'8.5 tall beauty (29-24-33) reminds us totaly of a second Imogen Morris Clarke. Both have impressive expressions. But back to Gintare. She's very young and still in her development. She was discovered by Metopolitan Models Agency in Lithaunia. Metopolitan Models Agency is a very promising agency with many remarkable faces. Gintare is a girl that should be stayed in our minds...

Meet Victoria !

Victoria Engelhardt‏ @ SMC Model Management (Germany)

After we have shown Jessica here, we would like to introduce Victoria here. She's from the same agency, as Jessica, SMC Model Management . (They have their office in Wiesbaden, it's in Germany. Victoria has charisma and a great presence in front of the camera. A very fresh face, green mysterious eyes, full lips and a soft gaze. That's how we can describe the young German beauty. Victoria has a silhouette of 180 centimeters (84-61-88). It's time to open your eyes wide and to take a look at her two single pictures. Isn't Victoria a natural beauty ? She is it. Write Victoria's name down ...

Friday, October 23, 2009

Voilá, here is McKell Martin !

McKell Martin @ Elite Model Management (NY)

McKell Martin is one of these girls, who has the certainly special, without any doubt. She's not only a pretty face, she's more than that, McKell has an eye-catching look. Especially in front of Jonathan Leder's camera. A face shape, which is like from a doll, a pale skin and such an impressive gaze, it's very cute and fresh with a touch of uniqueness. McKell's big uncanny blue eyes tell even more than any word. She has a height of simply perfect 177 m. (75-58-86). The young American beauty was discovered by ,Pulse Management. And is with Elite Model Management in New York. Have a look at her fantastic single polaroids. Isn't she a beauty ? McKell is it definitely. She's a girl that should be stayed in our minds...

And the story goes on with Ashley ...

Ashely C. @ No.23 Model Management (Florida)

Dark and rainy days are already in our country. Well, it´'s winter, but at the other side of the globe, exactly 8000 kilometers distant of us, is it summer ( in Florida) and there we discovered a new interesting face. Her name is Ashely. She's from No.23 Model Management . Ashely has caught in our eyes with her well formed face and her natural gaze. It's soft and cute. She has a height of 179 centimeters, and a nice body shape 86-61-86. Ashely is definitely a girl, who has the certainly special, without any doubt. She started to build her portfolio with many nice pieces and editorials. Have a look at her two single pictures, which are from one of her tests. Flawless expressions, a great presense and a natural make-up...

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Back with a stunning Eskimo face ...

Viktoria Erdelyiova @ Eskimo Models (Slovakia)

The fashion weeks are finished and I am back with another eye-catching new face. Her name is Viktoria. She was discovered by Eskimo Models in the Slovakia. (She's as well signed with the leading agency, Ford Models in NY and it Models in Milan). Viktoria has caught in our eyes with her impressive look. She has an intense gaze, which you won't forget so fast. It's very powerful, and at the same time cute. The 16 years old beauty has a height of glorious 176 centimeters (76-58-88). Take a look at her six single pictures. Viktoria shows a rising potential, and different poses in front of the camera...

One Dutch and natural beauty !

Kyra de Jong @ BM Model Management (The Netherlands)

Back to the Dutch power house, BM Model Management and of course with a new face from their agency. Kyra is the girl, who has caught this morning in our eyes. She has a great face shape, deep playful eyes and an indescribable gaze. It's very impressive and soft at the same time. Kyra hasn't only a great face, she has as well an unique look with her height of glorious 182 centimeters (83-62-92). The Dutch beauty is now 17 years old. We told you already that Dutch girls are always some of the best faces. Kyra is a good example for that. She's tall, unusual and has the certainly special. Take a look at her single pictures, isn't she a beauty ?

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

News from Milan...

Paulina Klimek @ Eastern Models (Poland)

Eastern Models is one of our favourite model agencies in Poland, each of their faces is successful and has a strong look. One of them is Paulina. We would like to show you some pictures from her stay in Milan. (She's with JOY Model Management in Milan). Our first impression of her new test pictures is huge. Paulina is very impressive and strong in each of these pictures. The young beauty has different adorable poses and facial expressions. From a playful expression up to a cute one. Paulina has a height of glorious 179m. (80-60-88). Now, open your eyes wide and take a look at her new test pictures. Paulina is on the best way to make a promising career.

Meet Milena !

Milena @ 8fi Models (Poland)

It's the beginning of a new week and it's time to show one of the newest discoveries from 8fi Models. 8fi Models is a small and very fine agency with many promising faces in Poland. Back to their newest discovery Milena. Milena has a really eye-catching face. She has such a strong face shape, such high cheekbones, such impressive piercing eyes and a gaze, which is remarkable. Her expressions are very striking with a touch of uniqueness. The 18 years old beauty is 177m. high (83-61-89). She has an amazing presence in front of the camera. Each of her picture in her portfolio is great. Probably, we'll be able to see Milena very soon as an international face.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A swedish beauty with the name Chloe ...

Chloe @ Nisch Management (Sweden)

Swedish girls are unusual and very unique at the same time. Chloe is one of these swedish eye-catching faces. She has a perfect height (181m.), a great body (78-59-88), a promising look and a face which tells more than words. From her well formed face, which reminds us of a work of art, up to her green piercing eyes. Chloe's facial expressions are realy strong with a touch of freshness. The young beauty is definitely a girl with an unique look, without any doubt. She was discovered by the swedish boutique agency, Nisch Model Management . Nisch Model Management is a real boutique agency with only a few faces each of Nisch's faces is successful and promising. Back to Chloe. Have a look at her three glorious single polaroids. Isn't she a beauty ? ...

Meet Rosie !

Rosie @ WM Management (Bangkok)

Another face, another one, who's adorable. She's a girl, which isn't easy to find somewhere in the world, because she looks like a precious diamond. You can find them only at very special places. But back to Rosie. She's definitely a girl, who has a very flawless look. Her whole face shape is like a work of art. It has a realy nice heart shape. Rosie's gaze is impressive. Her expressions are cute with a touch of uniqueness and freshness. Have a look at her single picture, is she not a real beauty ? She's it definitely. The young Asian beauty is with her height of 5'9 simply great for editorials and fashion shows. She was discovered by Thailand's leading agency, WM Model Management . She's as well with Upfront Models in Singapore. Write Rosie's name down...

Monday, October 19, 2009

Once again ....It's time to meet Olga !!!

Olga Mazur @ Fashion Group Consulting (International)

Only some days after I have introduced Olga here, I have to show her once again. Well, I don't say it often, but I fell in love with Olga's doll look. That's why I introduce her once again here. But at this time with her adorable new test pictures. Each of these four pictures is impressive. The colours, the make-up and the whole style, has caught in my eyes. Especially Olga's playful and soft poses. Olga comes from our power house, Fashion Group Consulting (she's as well with Fashion Models in Milan, Uno Models in Spain). Olga has a height of 177 centimeters (80-58-88). Have a look at her glorious new test pictures. And believe me, you won't forget her.

Meet Annika !

Annika @ Models International (NY)

I think it's the right time to introduce Annika here. She's a classical beauty, but as well a special one. Annika has a great face shape, high cheekbones, a pale skin, brown piercing eyes and an impressive gaze. Her gaze is difficult to describe, it's cute with a touch of melancholy. The young beauty is with her height of 180 centimeters (81-58-89) well for fashion shows and editorials. She was discovered by Models International and is one of their newest new faces. Models International have their office in New York. Look at her two single pictures, she has a great presence in front of the camera. Many people are already excited about her career. Write her Annika's name down.

Creativ Blogger Award !

Thanks a lot to Nadine from Style Taxi for giving me the "Creativ Blogger Award" I feel very honoured, its my first Blogger Award. Here are the 7 things you don't know about me :

1. Well, I'm 14 years old
2. I love H&M
3. I am addicted after ice
4. I can only work with music.
5. I have only two sneakers, the rest are high heels
6. My favourite song at the moment is "Gloria from Mandu Diabo"
7. My life consists of many surprises, I live day for day, I don't plan my future.

I give the "Creativ Award" to Luis from ldfspot and to Ludmila from Model Whispers. I hope you don't have it already. I love your blogs ...

Matan Uziel against skinny models

"Warmhome Media Group & Verbmodels have both adopted a new global guideline that will require that all their future communications should not use models or actors that are either excessively slim or promote 'unhealthy' slimness", said Matan Uziel (24 years) - Senior Booker of Verbmodels on Sunday.
"We must do everything we can in order to ensure another model won't fall victim of anorexia. The issue of size zero or "skinny models" has to be dogged fashion shows and the beauty industry around the world", added Uziel.

Friday, October 16, 2009

A true development diary ...

Kotryna @ Supermodels (Lithuania)

I see and show many different new faces from all over the world here. All of them have the certainly special. I don't say this often, but Kotryna has not only the certainly special. She has more, a look which you can't describe, it's more than eye-catching. A bit like from an elf. Kotryna has a very symmetrical face shape, line for line, like a work of art. Then these big piercing eyes and a gaze, which is unique and soft with a touch of cuteness. The 15 years old, and 174m. tall (80-60-87) beauty is from her head up to her toes simply perfect. She was discovered by one of the leading agencies in Lithuania, Supermodels. Take a look at her 7 single pictures, which were a shot by Natalie Berezina , each of Kotryna's poses and expressions are impressive. She's definitely one of our favourite new faces ...