Friday, October 2, 2009

Meet Veronika !

Veronika Szaniszlova @ Eskimo Models (Slowakia)

Big green mysterious eyes, a gaze, which is impressive, fresh and strong with a touch of cuteness. Dark brows and a face with an unique shape. From this pure skin up to her probably perfect cheekbones. Everything is in Veronika's face at the right place. The 19 years old beauty has with her height of 181 centimeters (87-62-90) and her look, a real chance to start a promising career. Veronika comes from the Slowakia. She was discovered by Eskimo Models. Eskimo Models is one of the agencies in the Slowakia, which are doing a lot for their new faces, and they are a very friendly team. Now, take a look at Veronika's pictures. She's definitely a girl that should be stayed in our minds.

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