Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A swedish beauty with the name Chloe ...

Chloe @ Nisch Management (Sweden)

Swedish girls are unusual and very unique at the same time. Chloe is one of these swedish eye-catching faces. She has a perfect height (181m.), a great body (78-59-88), a promising look and a face which tells more than words. From her well formed face, which reminds us of a work of art, up to her green piercing eyes. Chloe's facial expressions are realy strong with a touch of freshness. The young beauty is definitely a girl with an unique look, without any doubt. She was discovered by the swedish boutique agency, Nisch Model Management . Nisch Model Management is a real boutique agency with only a few faces each of Nisch's faces is successful and promising. Back to Chloe. Have a look at her three glorious single polaroids. Isn't she a beauty ? ...

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  1. Nice girl but isn't she a little bit skinny?