Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Meet Rosie !

Rosie @ WM Management (Bangkok)

Another face, another one, who's adorable. She's a girl, which isn't easy to find somewhere in the world, because she looks like a precious diamond. You can find them only at very special places. But back to Rosie. She's definitely a girl, who has a very flawless look. Her whole face shape is like a work of art. It has a realy nice heart shape. Rosie's gaze is impressive. Her expressions are cute with a touch of uniqueness and freshness. Have a look at her single picture, is she not a real beauty ? She's it definitely. The young Asian beauty is with her height of 5'9 simply great for editorials and fashion shows. She was discovered by Thailand's leading agency, WM Model Management . She's as well with Upfront Models in Singapore. Write Rosie's name down...