Friday, July 31, 2009

Brand new - Anna

Anna T @ 2pm modelmanagement (Denmark)

It's Friday midday, last day of this week and I just received this remarkable polaroids of Anna. Blond hair, blue eyes and dark brows. A little bit of contrast in a soft and sweet mix. That's maybe why Anna is so unique and special. Anna is brand new, just discovered by 2pm modelmanagement in Copenhagen. She's 5'9 and has the epitome of an editorial and runway girl with the exclusive face and attitude that goes with it to make a unforgettable package. Anna lives in Copenhagen, she's now 15 years old, still in her development and makes now her first steps in modeling world. Anna has already some impressive pictures in her portfolio. Make sure to keep an eye on her.

Meet Eliza

Eliza Duca @ Mandarina Models (Romania)

How would it be possible for her not be under my favourite new faces here, such a gorgeous and impressive cutie ? But well, I'm proud that I find the amazing stunner, firstly at Mandarina Models, secondly with her polaroids in my postbox. She's a little bit of Monika Jelenova, a little bit of Isabeli Fontana, and a big piece of uniqueness what do you get is, Eliza, a stunner from Romania. With just a few pictures in her portfolio she's able to show her perfect facial features and her perfect presence in front of the camera. She scoures full 180m. - 5´11 and has the perfect measurements 87-62-90 or 34-25-35. Her mother agency is Mandarina Models, have here a look at Elizas portfolio. She's now sweet 16 years old. We can't wait to see her - everywhere.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

A brilliant story that never ends ....

Malene @ 2pm modelmanagement (Denmark)

There are magazines, you just can't put down. Because they are so interesting, so thrilling and so amazing. Just like Malene. She comes from Denmark, she just finished school and is now full time model. Malene is a powerful and fresh face in modeling. The girl with blue-green piercing eyes, shiny blonde hair and a face that you won't forget too quickly just signed up with NEXT Models in New York, Milan & Paris. Her motheragency is 2pm modelmanagement in Copenhagen. She is simple and stunning, 19 years old, and has legs without an end, 179 centimeters is Malene tall, her body is perfect too 81-64-90. We can´t wait to see Malenes next steps, she is a brilliant story that never ends.

Romanian beauty

Anastasia T @ Mandarina Models (Romania)

Well, the second beautiful Romanian new face from Mandarina Models. When I received her polaroids, my first impression was "Pefect ? Edgy ? Or both ?" There are girls, who are simply perfect. Symmetric features and a flawless face. Then, there are girls who have the "little twist" in her beauty. Unique and edgy. And then, there is Anastasia from Romania. The perfect mix between both of these types. She is not the tallest with her 173 but with her blue eye catching eyes and her perfect body shape 87-60-88, she catches everbody. Anastasia is now 21 years old, what´s else to say ? Stay tuned.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Growing beauty - Elizaveta

Elizaveta Vishnyakova @ Image Discovery (Ukraine)

"Isn't she flawless" that was my first impression of the young new face. She's from the Ukraine and was discovered by Image Discovery. Elizaveta is at the moment in Tokyo, she's represent there by Switch Models. It's definitely a great start for Elizaveta, she's able to build first experience n Tokyo and to build a strong portfolio. Elizaveta has a very impressive and soft facial expression, Her presences in front of the camera is great, nice attitudes and lovely expressions and that's with only 13 years. It's sure, we'll be able to hear in future more of Elizaveta, who's now 173m. tall.

Raw diamants - Andreea

Andreea Grecu @ Mandarina Models (Romania)

She's from Romania, freshly signed to Mandarina Models and she's named Andreea. 16 years old, 176m. tall, measurements of 86-60-90 and ready to explore the world. Meet Andreea !!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Development girls - Abie

Abie Shippee @ Ford Models (New York)

Its Tuesday evening and its dark, its my last post for today. I just received this incredible first test-pictures from Fords newest new face. She is soft, a soft cutie with flawless blue green eyes. She is called Abie. Abie was scouted by Ford Models in New York, this is her motheragency. She is more than just a normal new face, she is super fresh, she is super cute and she is a girl with an expression. In her first test shot, she shows already first emotions. She is a mix of cuteness and and softness this makes a doll, she is quite perfect. Abie is very young and and makes her first steps right now in modeling, she is still in her development (building her book,making first experience) I´ll have an eye on the young beauty. Stay tuned.

Wanted : Ida

Ida N @ 2pm modelmanagement (Denmark)

2pm modelmanagement from Copenhagen has already impressed for good. 2pm Models discovered Models like Agnete Hegelund, Charlotte Hoyer, Louise P, Tina Mogensen and many others. Its now time to take a look at another great girl from 2pm Models. The cutie is called Ida. Ida will move to Copenhagen very soon and is now full time model. She is ready to go far in modeling, she is ready to make her first international, Ida did already the first steps in modeling, she built her book with some nice editorials and tests which you can see here. She is 174 tall, has a nice body shape 82-60-91. We would wish some centimeters more but in Idas case, is 174 tall enough, with so much presence and emotions in front of the camera. Ida is with her 19 years in the best age. My first impression of Ida was "she is a very classical beauty with a super gorgeous face and a rising potential". Stay tuned.

Meet Chelsea

Chelsea Strobl @ ModelsInternational (New York)

Isn´t she an eye catcher ? She is one, a big one. We just received this pics from her agency and were speechless, our first impression was "amazing, is this a second Dorothea Barth Jorgensen ?" Well, its Chelsea an amazing new face, she comes from Pennsylvania in the USA, her motheragency and founder is specimen model management . Chelsea just signed up with ModelsInternational in New York City. When you have a look at her portfolio you can see that Chelsea already has many great pictures in her book. Her face is very unique and special. She is not like hundreds of other Models, she is more special, she is more incredible, she is a real stunner. Her strong blue-green eyes and her face shape make her unique. The beauty is now 175 tall, has a great body too 81-61-86, is perfect 17 years old, what´s else to say ? Meet Chelsea !

Monday, July 27, 2009

A real blonde summer stunner in Denmark

Vendela @ 2pm modelmanagement (Copenhagen)

Second post of this day, first new face from Denmark. We just received this incredible pictures from one of our favourite agencies in Denmark. Its 2pm modelmanagement, 2pm represent models like Ali Stephens, Alison Nix, Catherine Mcneil and many other big Models. 2pm is the motheragency of Vendela, the girl which we feauturing today here. She lives in Sweden and is quite new in modeling. She has an amazing and unforgettabel look in her pictures. Her green eyes are eye catcher, so strong, so much expression. Vendela has a great face shape, a nice bone structure. She's with her 176 already tall enough for the big major shows and her body measurements are great too 80-61-89. Vendela is a real stunner and this with her only 16 years. We can't wait to see her next big steps for sure it won't need so long time. She is a girl what should be stayed in your mind. Stay tuned on the blonde hair beauty.

Meet Denisa

Denisa N @ Avant-Garde Models (Romania)

First post of the new week, first romanian new face. Denisa is the girl called. She comes from Romania, she was discovered by Avant-Garde Models, Avant-Garde Models is Denisas motheragency. Denisa started modeling about 4 months in ago. She is quite fresh and quite new. She has a very beautiful and impressive face. We see in her face expressions a mix of cuteness, freshness and strongness. A wonderful face shape, great checkbones, big eyes, full lips and lovely eye-browns, thats her. She is 178 tall, has great meausurements 84-60-90 and has her "perfect polaroids" she has only the best statements with her sweet 16 years. Stay tuned on Denisas next steps !