Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Anita & Lola - Two Summer stunners (Seeds Manamgement Berlin)

We just recevied polaroids of two very amazing German newfaces represented by SeeDs Managment Berlin ( Motheragency of internationally renowned models such as Katrin Thormann, Laura Käding, Jana Drews and Dari Maximova).

Let's start with Anita Schulz (175cm// 77 59 89) - She's definitely one of the most eyecatching new girls, shining out through her incredible cheekbones and piercing eyes. Anita's androgynous features make her standing out of the crowd of ordinary blonde natural beauties. She does absolutely have that ceretain indefinable something, 'Paul Rowland' / 'Chadwick Tyler'-appeal.

Lola signed up with Seeds a very few months ago. Her face is very modelelsque as well as her body (175cm// 84 63 90). In total she reminds us of Alison Nix and Heather Bratton, thus she should come very far.

Please visit in order to find out more ;)!

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