Saturday, July 4, 2009

Hanne Brüning - relentless pursuit of perfection

Hanne Brünning @ Mega Model Agency
Hanne (178cm // 77 59 88, born 1990 in Germany)is with Mega Model Agency Hamburg and she has already started keeping things firmly in hand. She did first steps into the international modeling indusry by signing up with Elite Models London and walking Custo Barcelona.
As mentioned before she was one of the girls shooting with Armin Morbach alongside of Calvin Klein Spring Exclusive model Phillipp Schmidt and our new favourite German model Josefine Bülow.
It's very difficult to find words for her beauty, let's try this: Flawless diamond, having definitely that crossover appeal - from high fashion to high end commercial, this girl has got the look! Go, Hanne!

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