Sunday, July 12, 2009

Are you ready for mrs. Monkhouse ?

Michelle Monkhouse @ Ford Models
Well, this afternoon we found mrs. Monkhouse her name is special, her look is unique, she is called Michelle, thats the name of our new breakheart. At beginning of 2009, Michelle was scouted by Elmer Olsen Models in Toronto, not long time after she was scouted by Elmer Olsen, Ford Models had an eye on her and signed her - as well she signed FORD Models. Her next step was going to New York and to make there castings for the New York Fashionweek, Michelle had a Showcard but we didn´t noticed her in Shows. In her latest Test, you can see how she shows her face exspressions in different ways, once you can see a classic delicate,fresh beautifull emotions and the other side you can see a strong as well a little monkey :-) With her hazel eyes and long brown hair,and a height of 180 with measurements which are also maybe too perfect 84-61-88, she should stay in your mind as well she stayed in our minds. Stay turned on Michelle !

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