Saturday, July 11, 2009

Meet Hanna !

Hanna S @ MIKAs Stockholm (Stockholm)

She is one of the newest New Faces by MIKAs Stockholm and now after I seen her Polaroids, she is my favourite New Face at Mikas.Hanna was scouted by MIKAs not so long time ago. She is super cute and looks even more than fresh. Her face looks a bit like the face from a frog but just in the expressions -shy-fresh-cute-strong, Her sweety eyes are big like from a fish but enough to her face. Hanna started to show herself in her first tests which Pictures will arrive very soon.I am already excited to see them. She is 175 tall or 5´9 tall ,perfect for Shows and Editorials. For sure we will hear from Hanna in the future a lot, she just started modeling and is already kept in our minds. There is enough potential to go very big. Stay turned on her first steps in modeling !!!

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