Monday, July 6, 2009

Meet Victoria !

Victoria @ Ford Models
We all know Ford Models but we don´t know all Victoria so it´s time to meet Victoria.I saw this afternoon Victorias Polaroids in Ford Models and was really impressed of her look as well her potentia which is in her Polaroids already good to see but in her Tests you see how it get bigger and bigger.When I would see Victoria on the street with her yellow jeans and promissing look I would think is this girl a Model ,who is she ? Well,she kept in my mind.She is correctly with Ford Models and done her first Test with some great Photographers ,she builds her Portfolio at the moment and starts to work International.I am sure that this brown hair,hazel eyes girl will go fair in Modeling. Victoria is 175 tall (76-58-86).Have a look at her !!!

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