Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Meet Anette !

Anette @ MJ-Models (Lithauania)

Is she not cute ? That was our first thought, when we saw her pictures. Her big pacific eyes and her full heart lips give her this cute flawless look. Her face expression radiates very much power. When we looked at her polaroids first time, we saw something that is very fresh in her face, we don´t know how to descripe this best what it is, maybe its her powerfull eyes, maybe her full lips, we think its are both which give her those fresh and cute look. She reminds us a bit of a television advertisement,it was about a girl which has the same cute look like her (Müller - Froop). Our cutie is called Anette, she comes from Lithauania. She was scouted not so long time ago by MJ-Models, this is her motheragency MJ-Models. Say "hi" to the Lithauania beauty.

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