Monday, July 13, 2009

Annas potential is higher then ever before

Anna Louise @ 2pm modelmanagement
First day in the week, first new face. This time its Anna Louise, about one year this stunner is in modeling. She started with some Polaroids, which you can see here "1" what you see, is a young - cute girl which had an exspression in her face like a new bright star, it´s just incredible. Then suddenly yesterday we checked the 2pm Model Management website, this is the Agency of Anna, we forgot Anna a bit in our minds. But then we clicked on an interesting face which called Anna and were total impressed, when we saw that it was Anna Louise, we were lucky about her first great steps, she built her book with total new gorgeous Tests, her potential shows in those pics higher then ever before. The 178 tall beauty reminds us total of JAC in this tests, this soft face exspression as well strong and cute at the same. We are very exciting of her next steps in modeling, of her next tests, for sure this beauty will go far and will stay in our minds, we can´t forget her after this pics, enjoy and stay turned on Annas carrer

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