Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Andrada a girl which is ready to go far !

Andrada Ungureanu @ Avant-Garde Models (Romania)

Here comes Andrada. We just some lovely polaroids from a sunny day in Romania. Don't you think "she's cute" ?, when you see her polaroids. This was our first impression, when we saw Andrada. She has with her big eyes a touch of a cute girl and a touch of a very fresh beauty, very classical. She's a raw diamant with a high potential, we think she has the right look to go far in modeling. Andrada hasn't only a diamond look, she has also an unique name, which we didn't hear before. The 175m. tall beauty has a great body shape as well 81-60-88. Her mother agency which found her is Avant-Garde Models from Romania, (they represent many interesting and stunning girls). Andrada is just 19 years old and is already confirmed by First Model Management in London and JOY MODEL MANAGEMENT in Milan. We're already excited of her next steps in modeling. Stay tuned !

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