Monday, July 6, 2009

Blonde hair,blue eyes,cute freckles thats Anna

Anna Calka @ Eastern Models
The new Week starts with Anna.I just got her Pictures in my Postbox and have to say Anna is a big suprise for me ,if I wouldn´t know she is from Poland I would never think that this girl is Polish.She looks like a German girl ,her look reminds me of Katrin Thormanns as well Janine Henkes ,the could fresh ice Beauty started Modeling a couple of days ago,she was scouted by Eastern Models .In her face you can see a pure jewel.Blonde hair,blue eyes,red lips many freckles thats Anna.She is 177 tall and 19 years old .Anna striked me with her incredible art in front of the Camera ,she is ready for the fashionworld and we will hear a lot from her.Her first Tests will arrive soon.

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