Friday, July 10, 2009

Are you ready for Cecilia ?

Cecilia N @ MIKAs Stockholm (Stockholm)

I don't really know why but there is something in her face which reminds me of Ginta Lapina. Maybe my first experiences of Gintas face or maybe she just look like Ginta ? This is it or maybe not. The woman which look like Ginta has something typically melancholic in her eyes as well something sadly. Blonde hair, blue eyes, 176 tall with perfect measurements 80-60-89 is the Cecilia Beauty, well she is called Cecilia. Are you ready for Cecilia ? She is ready, ready to go big in Modeling, ready to show herself on the Runway and in Editorials, have a look at her first Test Shots ,don´t you think she is ready ? She is the future. So many feelings in her eyes and so many questions in our minds, well I fell in love in this Beauty. A great found by Mikas !

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