Sunday, July 5, 2009

Meet Marta !!!

marta kowalczyk‏ @ GAGA Models
A new day a new face from GAGA Models which you should meet and keep in your minds.Her brilliant Name is Marta ,she is Polish and her Motheragency is as well GAGA Models.She just signed up in May with IMG Models Milan and had there already great Tests which made her Portfolio look stronger ! She spend her summer holidays in Milan to build her book there more and more ,Marta was already in Asia there the people loved her and she did many many Editorials.She turns 16 in 2009 and is 174 tall (78-58-88) has a super Body and a great height as well.She is a pure Beauty with a strong look.In her Polaroid her look is a bit normal but in her Editorials and her works/tests she is just amazing.I am already excited to see more of the gorgeous Beauty ,I will try to update her news.Meet Marta !!!

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