Thursday, July 16, 2009

Still young but amazing potential !

Mariann @ MJ-Models (Estonia)

Thursday afternoon, last face for today - At the moment we see many Estonian girls in modeling, many new faces one of this new darlings is Mariann, she was scouted some weeks ago by MJ-Models one of our favourite Agencies in Estonia, they represent girls like Karmen Pedaru as well many great new interesting new faces. Mariann is quite new has a very classic and delicate beautifull face, her green pazific eyes show a light sleepy exspression, a pure cuteness, softness, she is a kind of super fresh. She needs some time to learn more about modeling, to learn how to present herself in front of the camera. She is still young and has enough time to learn this all, step by step is the right way. Mariann is at the moment 170 tall its not that tall but we are sure she will grow up some centimeters in future, her body shape is great 84-60-90. Stay turned on Marianns next steps and have a look in future at her following model steps, meet the girl with the amazing potential.

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  1. wow i love her work !she has great potensial.