Thursday, July 16, 2009

Diamonds in the making

After we already wrote about Kristina, some days ago, we thought it would be worth to take a closer look to PMST's board of new girls. And indeed, we weren't dissapointed. With their latest finds, they defenitely proved of having a good eye for the right girls - little diamonds in the making, filled with potential and eager to work. With their recent rising stars MJ and Deimante Misiunaite, PMST already proved that they are doing their best in developing and pushing new girls. Now, here are a couple of their most promising ones:

Sharka (1.75)
The little cutie with big eyes and a handful of innocence in her face

Hana (1.77)
The czech-beauty sensation with an endless repertoire of expressions

The elf-like girl who just keeps you staring

Vetaute (1.72)
The redheaded angel with freckles and soft eyes

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