Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wanted : Angelica

Angelica Sulzbach @ Way (Brazil)

New faces are everywhere in the world. From a small city up to a big country. It's our first stop in brazil, our first face from there. Her name is Angelica. From the first seconds is my impression of her huge. Such a flawless face shape, such blue eye-catching eyes, such cute freckles. A facial expression, which tells more than words, it's very impressive, glorious and unique. Angelica has a shadow picture of simply perfect 178 centimeters (84-60-89). The beauty was discovered by the brazilian power house Way Model Managemement . Way Model Management is one of the leading agencies in brazil. They represent many big faces like, Debora Mueller, Janete Friedrich and Luana Teifke. But back to Angelica. Have a look at her remarkable pictures. She's definitely a girl that should be stayed in our minds.

Meet Nastya !

Nastya D. @ EGO Models ( Ukraine)

It's time to have a look at Nastya. Nasyta is a very new face in the modeling industry. She was discovered from the ukrainian power house EGO Models . Ego Models is a small and very noble agency in the Ukraine. They have not many faces, but each face, which is with Ego Models is promising. The bookers are friendly too. But back to Nastya. She's definitely an eye-catching face, from the first seconds, is my impression of her huge. Nastya has the certainly special without any doubt. A well formed face, uncanny big green eyes. And a playful facial expression with a touch of cuteness and a touch of uniqueness. The young ukrainian beauty has with her look and her height of glorious 180 centimeters (82-60-89) the chance of a promising career. Write Nastyas's name down

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Meet Marliis !

Marliis @ MJ-Models (Estonia)

Day for day come new faces from the whole world with a promising look. Today, I introduce one of the new faces from MJ-Models in Estonia. Her name is Marliis. She's an eye-catching girl, from the first seconds, I like her natural look. Marliis has such impressive green eyes, such a strong gaze with many remarkable facial expressions. She has a mysterious looking, Marliis reminds us of a young Freja Beha Erichsen. The young beauty is now 15 years old, and is 174 centimeters tall (83-61-85). She's one of MJ's discoveries with a bright future. Marliis is already confirmed from one of the biggest agencies in the world. She has spent her summer in Milan. There, she had some tests. Take a look at her glorious pictures and write Marliis's name down...

Monday, September 28, 2009

Development diaries - Maryna !

Maryna Nikitenkova @ Fashion Group Consulting (International)

Such a beauty. Well, you aren't dreaming. She's real. It's hardly to believe, but wonders are possible. When I saw her the first time, I asked me, who is this girl ? Her name is Maryna. She's one of the newest discoveries from our boutique agency, Fashion Group Consulting . Maryna is such a natural beauty, it's very difficult to find the right words for her look. A simply perfect face shape, a pale skin and such unique eyes, like a deep mysterious sea. She has such flawless expressions, very impressive and soft. The 18 years old beauty has a height of remarkable 176 centimeters (83-59-91). Take a look at her polaroids and her video. Is Maryna not natural ? She's it definitely. Write the name of the ukrainian beauty down ...

Meet Jessica !

Jessica Clarke @ Clyne Management (Auckland)

After we have seen Jessica's pictures, is it hardly to believe that she is quite new in modeling. These flawless face shape and such a pale skin, such blue uncanny eyes and such an unique gaze, it's very fresh, impressive and simply pretty. Jessica is definitely with her look and her height of 181 centimeters (84-62-90) an outstanding face. The 16 years old beauty comes from Auckland. Jessica was discovered by our boutique agency, Clyne Management in Auckland. I already introduced some of the faces from Cylne Management, but at this morning I had the idea to introduce Jessica here. She has this remarkable look. Take a look at her glorious pictures. Isn't she a beauty ?... Jessica is a girl that should be stayed in our minds for a long time.

The beautiful Daria Komarkova To Sign With Verbmodels

Well, we all know Daria Komarkova. She's definitely one of the most successful models. She walked in shows like A.F. Vandevorst, Giambattista Valli and Nathan Jenden.

Verbmodels will be Komarkova's new mother agency and will manage her international career.

"Daria is definitely an amazing girl, not to mention that she's so smart and knows quite a lot about fashion, and I'm so much looking forward to start working with her. We couldn't be more proud of our agency when she is a part of it", said Matan Uziel (24), Senior Booker in Verb whom also heading Warmhome Media Group, an international advertising corporation that is about to go public soon.

Verb new website will be online soon with an updated list of models.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Meet Abby !

Abby England @ Elite Model Management (New York)

Back to an exellant new face from the USA. Well, she's quite new and has this incredible potential. And this is not only our opinion, Jonathan Leder , one of the leading photographers in New York City, told us about her only the best, she's an amazing girl ! And if he says this, you can be sure, that she's realy special and that there is no doubt in Abby. Well, the young beauty was discovered by the American boutique agency, Elite Model Management. Abby is 5'9 tall, or 175 centimeters, with such a natural face shape, such blue piercing eyes and such a promising look. She has a real chance to have a promising career. Take a look at her natural pictures, which were a shot by Jonathan Leder. Write Abby's name down.

Meet Amelie !

Amelie @ CoverModels Management (Ottawa)

It's already very soon October. The days are shorter, no sunny sky and a cold atmosphere.Well, the winter is in front of our doors. He brought us some promising new faces, like, Amelie. Amelie is the newest discovery of our Canadian boutique agency, CoverModels Management. After only 24 hours signed the beauty already a contract with Giovanni Models in Montreal and Toronto.From the first seconds is my impression of her huge. She has the certainly special look without any doubt. Amelie has an impressive facial expression, very fresh and playful with a touch of cuteness and a touch of uniqueness. A pale skin, two piercing eyes and a well formed face. The young canadian beauty is 16 years old and has a height of simply perfect 177 centimeters (82-60-86). Take a look at her promising two single polaroids and write Amelie's name down.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Development diaries - Ilse

Ilse Suvaal @ Models in Company (The Netherlands) - DNA Models (New York)

It's a week with many dutch stunners and our second big suprise from the dutch power house Models in Company . Models in Company is a very fine boutique model agency in the Netherlands. They haven't many models, but each one is promising and successful. We introduced already Anouk here at the beginning of the week. Anouk was our first suprise in this week. And now comes the second suprise, Ilse ! Ilse is an eye-catching girls. Such a strong face, such impressive brown eyes with such soft and playful expressions. Ilse is definitely a girl with a promising look, she has the certainly special. The 15 years old beauty has a height of precious 181 centimeters (78-59-88). Take a look at Ilse's simply great test pictures. Isn't she a suprise ? It's just the beginning of her career. Write Ilse's name down !

Wanted : Lauren

Lauren @ Dulcedo Model Management (Canada)

Canadian girls are unusual, in a positive way. Many of them have a cute and fresh look, some others have an edgy and very special look. Lauren is one of these Canadian girls with a quite interesting and unusual facial expression. Green big eyes, brown brows and many cute freckles. Lauren has an impressive and simply good face shape. She has beside her simply gorgeous face also a height of precious 181 centimeters (33-25-35). Take a look at her first polaroids. Isn't she an unique girl ? She is. Lauren is now 18 years old. She's brand new. Lauren was just discovered from our Canadian boutique agency, Dulcedo Model Management and is on her best way to become a successful model.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Meet Lotte !

Lotte Van Heuvel @ BM Model Management (The Netherlands)

Our third Dutch new face this week. Well, the Dutch faces have this certainly special. Very fresh, impressive and unique. Lotte is one of these dutch new faces. She was discovered by BM Model Management . BM Model Management is a small but very edle boutique agency in the Netherlands in Rotterdamm. All their faces are successful. But back to Lotte. She's very young with her 14 years and is still in her development. The young beauty has a height of precious 180 centimeters (83-60-89). Take a look at her three impressive single polaroids. Lotte has a real unique face. Such a pure skin, such a flawless face shape. These uncanny blue eyes, these cute freckless and her red hair, everything is at the right place at Lotte. There is no doubt about Lotte. She's a girl that should be stayed in our minds.

Meet Paulina !

Paulina Babejova @ Eskimo (Slovakia)

A new week has begun. And it's time to introduce here another new face, from our Slowakian power house Eskimo Models. My first impression of Paulina is huge. She has the certainly special face. It's very fresh and symmetrical. But these eyes, it's difficult to describe them. They are very impressive and have a lot of unique facial expressions, from romantic, up to melancholy til to the strong remarkable looking. Have a look at her two single pictures and you can see her natural poses and Paulina's soft face shape. The 18 years old beauty has a rising potential, with her height from 183 centimeters and, measurements of 33-24-35'5, is she simply great to make her career in modeling. She's on her best way with Eskimo Models and Fashion Models in Milano.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Development diaries - Karina

Karina Petrosyan @ Fashion Group Consulting (International)

When I saw this girl the first time. I wondered who she is. Well, her name is Karina Petrosyan. She an eye-catching girl, such an unique girl we have never seen. Karina has a realy strong and adorable look. From these uncanny brown eyes up to her simply perfect face shape. Karina's gaze tells even more than thousands words. It's powerful, fresh and very strong with a touch of cuteness and a touch of uniqueness. With her height of 178 centimeters (83-58-90) and her unique face, You can't overlook Karina. She's now 17 years old. Karina was discovered by Fashion Group Consulting . Take a look at her remarkable pictures, she's definitely a girl with a very big potential. Without any doubt. Karina should be stayed for long time in our minds.

Meet Sophie !

Sophie K @ Izaio Models

A sunny sky, perhaps the last time for this year, the winter has arrived and he is in front of our windows, but the winter brought us some new faces. Especially on the board from Izaio Models, it's always nice to work with Izaio Models together, they are a very friendly team with many remarkable faces. One of these catching faces is Sophie. She's a classical beauty with special features. Her gaze is strong and impressive. From these lovely eyes, over such a flawless face shape with an unique haircut. Sophie worked already for some big clients like Blush and, she just joined Studio-KRLP in Paris. For sure we will be able to hear in future more from the 180m tall beauty (84-60-89). Write her name down !