Thursday, September 17, 2009

Development diary - Karlpani !

Karlpani @ Izaio Models (Berlin)

Close your eyes and imagine a simply great new face, which has a wonderful and soft face shape. A gaze, which is simply cute, almost unbelieveable. And facial expressions, which are impressive. And to this mix a perfect lightly dark skin with big intensive brown eyes and, shiny brown hair. All these kinds make an uncanny young beauty. The name of this beauty is Karlpani. She comes from Germany, and was discovered by our German power house, Izaio Models. Now, open your eyes slowly and take a look at Karlpani's stunning test pictures. Every single picture is very different. Karlpani shows herself great in front of the camera. The young beauty has legs without an end, and a fog picture of precious 178 centimeters (76-60-86). She's a girl that should be stayed in our minds. It is just the start of a new career, of a new face.

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  1. Hi Samira, i love this girl, do you have more pictures?? For other way, if i know about some flat in paris i´ll let you know