Monday, September 28, 2009

Development diaries - Maryna !

Maryna Nikitenkova @ Fashion Group Consulting (International)

Such a beauty. Well, you aren't dreaming. She's real. It's hardly to believe, but wonders are possible. When I saw her the first time, I asked me, who is this girl ? Her name is Maryna. She's one of the newest discoveries from our boutique agency, Fashion Group Consulting . Maryna is such a natural beauty, it's very difficult to find the right words for her look. A simply perfect face shape, a pale skin and such unique eyes, like a deep mysterious sea. She has such flawless expressions, very impressive and soft. The 18 years old beauty has a height of remarkable 176 centimeters (83-59-91). Take a look at her polaroids and her video. Is Maryna not natural ? She's it definitely. Write the name of the ukrainian beauty down ...

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