Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Meet Laura !

Laura Kell @ CoverModels Management (Ottawa)

We have different kind of models in our fashion business. One is classical, the other one edgy, the next one, is unique. Laura is a mix of this three kinds, she's very unique with her look, her facial expressions are special, she's an edgy kind of models. This face shape is simply great. These mysterious eye-catching eyes, these bright brows and, these lips are perfect. My first impression of Laura is huge, she's uncanny, and leads a lot of potential. Laura was discovered by CoverModels Ottawa. It's in Canada. She's doing modeling for about 5 months now. And she has done already, an editorial for the actual Flare Magazine. The 5'8m tall (30-24-34) beauty just signed up with NEXT Models Toronto and with Montage Models in Montreal. Take a look at her precious single picture. It tells even more than thousands words.


  1. Most of these girls are anorexic and they need immediate treatment.. That is really ugly.

  2. I am not sure she is anorexic as much as the pose & her expression combined with the photography that creates harsh lines & exagorates her ectomorphic figure.

  3. Stumbling across this as I was creeping the progress my bestfriend has made in this business, I'm taken aback by the comment which was made by olive - although this is fairly old, I would like to definitely make a point of letting you know that Laura is not at all unhealthy - in the case of starving herself. More so she'll overload her many baked potatoes at her restaurant workplace and has a diet of cheese, chocolate and poutine that would shock most people, (and often caused me stomach aches when I tried to compete) while never hitting the gym.

    Fact is some people are born with certain figures and are naturally skinny. Get over it.

  4. I agree to the last comment.

    It should care any of us if a model is thin or not. In many cases it's natural ... But at the end its not our problem and we should stay away from such comments
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