Friday, September 18, 2009

One polish beauty ...

Poland has always some of the best new faces in the world, especially in the office from D'Vision Model Management . D'Vision Models haven't only one kind of models. They have different types on their board. One is cute, the other one is realy strong, and the next one, is just special. Anetta is an eye-catching girl with an unique look. Big uncanny green eyes, brown brows and a gaze, which is difficult to describe, very soft, very strong and powerful. Anetta is an impressive girl. you won't see faces, like hers often. There is no doubt, Anetta has the potential for a promising career. The young Polish beauty is now 16 years old. A height of simply perfect 178 centimeters and measurements of 78-62-87, what's else to say about Anetta ? Take a look at her pictures, and write her name down.

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