Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Brighter than ever before !


Kristina Vetchinkina @ Image Discovery (Ukraine)

I have featured Kristina already last week here, with her first polarois. Now, at this day, in these seconds, you will see Kristina's adorable new polaroids. Kristina just started modeling, and is already a big diamant in the business. Nobody expected her success so fast. She's not only a new face, she is a new, who has a bright future. Already the biggest agencies in the world have interesse in Kristina, especially New York. And that after a very short time. Once Once again, with her amazing and precious potential, has the 16 years, old beauty, a dream start, and has the chance to build a good model career. This potential is rising, day for day. Kristina is ready. Are you ready to see, Image Discovery's , newest new face, in the fashion world ?


  1. i really like this girl!! btw you have a good blog and post interesting new girls

  2. The first pic. she looks like she is scowelling & not an inviting pic.