Sunday, July 26, 2009

Smile, smile, smile Katie !

Katie Luff @ Models 1 (London)

She is still quite young and just starting modeling. Katie is fresh, her smile is super cute. On her first polaroids, she is playful and already very strong, she is a kind of models which look like dolls-super cute-young. Her face expressions are quite pretty, strong, playful .... very different with some great emotions.We don´t see often that models have a so naturally and cute smile like Katie, this makes on our faces also a smile. Katie knows how to show herself in front of the camera and do this great. Her bone structure reminds us of a second Iekeline Stange, she has the same incredible checkbones like Katie. Katie is with her 176 a tall girl and can do shows and editorials. She comes from London and her agency is Models 1 (UK) Thats Katie, a young girl with a rising potential. Stay tuned.

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  1. She's totally awesome! anyway very childish