Saturday, July 11, 2009

Meet Ruthie


Saturday afternoon, the rain is just over and I seen the newest girl which joined Fusion Model Management she was scouted not so long time ago. I have a special feeling for Ruthie this is the name of flawless Beauty. Those 5 polaroids are Ruthies best statements. What you see is what you get : an incredible Model from America with a playfull exspression. A piece of strongness and a piece of cuteness this is Ruthie. Maybe she is too soft ? But to be honestly the kind of Models which get big are more cutter and softer as some time ago, so I think this is for Ruthie perfect. With her fresh green pazific eyes and her amazing bone structure she got a precious look. She is 177 tall (83-58-88) perfect for the New York Fashionweek, she has enough potential, I am ready for her, is she ready for you ? Meet Ruthie. It will be a pleasure for me to keep you update about her

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