Monday, July 20, 2009

Meet Kim

Kim Green @ Ford Models (New York)

Last post for today, we found on the board of our favourite nyc agency (currently Ford Models) a lot of interesting eye catching newfaces. This girl is quite new with Ford. Her name is Kim and her agency is Ford Models as mentioned above. Kim is a extraordinary type of model, that we don't see very often, she is one of the most striking new faces, that won't be forgotten so fast, she started with some lovely polaroids, her face expression is strong, very strong but also a bit cute, She reminds me slightly to Kate Somers in her polaroids, but in her tests she is another girl, a cute, fresh and interesting girl, we see a girl with a lot of potential. She presents herself in an unique way, we like it. Kim is 180cm, tall enought to do major runwayshows, we are sure she will also look amazingly in print, her body shape is also quite perfect.

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