Friday, July 10, 2009

Agency Profile : Noah Models

Noah Models is a special Scouting Deapartment in Russia. Noah Models represends Models like Tanya Dziahileva, Anya Kazakova and many other big Models. In the last time Noah Models got bigger and bigger, the agency is sending their girls around the world, they work in three Catergories one is called "Main Board" there are the girls like Tanya or better to say the girls which have a lot of experience. The second Category is the "Development Board" in this are the girls which made their first steps in Modeling like tests,first shows and which are go abroad, the third Category is called "New Faces" in those are the girls which are super new, some of them had never a Test and are super new in Modeling. With this system work Noah Models. I want you to show some of the girls from Noah Models ,meet them and learn more about the Noah faces.

Katya Kozinec @ noahmodels (Russia)

Katya is not like the other Models, definitive she isn't. She's 185 tall and has so super long legs, I guess they are about 115 centimeters. Her measurements fits also perfect to her 82-59-89 ! She has grey magical eyes and a mouth like a heart. She knows how to impress herself in front of the camera, I see in her expressions a cute look also a very fresh one. Katya will with her curly brown hair go far in Modeling. A girl with so much potential, this is just heartbreaking in my point. I will keep an eye on her !

Masha Shestakova @ noahmodels (Russia)

Masha is a very classic beauty with a touch of cuteness and a touch of sweetness. Her face is fresh and knows how to impress an expression which look good in the pictures. It's not easy to describe Masha but I will try with her, her eyes are big and shows a second Bambi or melancholy as well. Her lips are full, small but perfect for her little face. Her bone structure is very delicate, she has incredible cheekbones and a "Bambi" face. She reminds me of a mix from Lucyna Amszej, her ears give her a more interesting look. Masha is with 180 tall enough to work in runway and editorials, her measurements 82-60-89 are also great.

Nastya Rasschepkina @ noahmodels (Russia)

Nastya has her own look. Some people like it some like it not. She isn't classical, she's interesting or better to say a very special Beauty. Her look is a touch of cuteness and a touch of playness. In her polaroids she shows herself from a site which I see alwals in Dorothea Barth Jorgensens Face. Nastya plays as well with the Camera this is a good sign. She's 176 tall (78-58-84) - 5´9,5 (30-23-33) and an unique potential. Meet Nastya !

Katya Olekseenko @ noahmodels (Russia)

Is she not cute ? In her polaroids she looks like a cute doll. Very very young is this beauty. Her name is Katya. She's quite new with Noah Models, when I saw her Polaroids for first time I directly fell in love with them. At the moment I think she learns to impress herself on tests, the Ttsts she did until now are nice but you can see in her Polaroids it's another girl. She reminds me of a little Imogen Morris Clarke. Katya is now 173 a litlle bit too short but for sure this young Beauty will grow up in future her meausurements are perfect 80-58-87. Have a look at Katya.

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