Friday, October 2, 2009

Development diaries - Malgosia

Malgosia Dabek @ D'Vision Model Management (Poland)

It's no fairy-tale, it's the reality. Sometimes it's hardly to believe but wonders are possible. Malgosia is one of these wonders. I see faces like hers not often. A well formed face, a pale skin and such impressive eyes. Malgosia is one of the faces, who has a very unique and lovely facial expression with a touch of cuteness. She's definitely a girl, who has the chance of a promising career. Malgosia is now 15 years old and she's still in her development. She was discovered by our polish boutique agency, D'Vision Model Management . Take a look at her five simply perfect pictures. Isn't she glorious ? She is it. Write the name from the beauty with a shadow picture of 178 centimers (80-57-87) down. And follow her next steps in modeling ...

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