Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Meet FM's Astrid on her way ...


Astrid Traung @ FM Models (London)

It's time to go on with a stop in London at the office of FM Models. And yes, we have to say FM is an amazing board with many strong new faces, as models too. Astrid is one of them. Shehas caught in our eyes through her lovely look and her skills in front of the camera. Astrid comes from Sweden and she's signed with MIKAs in her home country and with FM Models in London. Astrid is in our eyes ready to explore the world. She has all that a model should have from her striking facial expressions up to her silhouette of 5’11 (180m. 83-62-90). Astrid has left her first marks already in some huge editorials, such as Exit Magazine. There is more in the coming. Make sure to keep an eye on Astrid’s future in the modeling industry.

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  1. Love this girl! Gorgeous lips and a great height <3 she's signed with FM aswell! Wooo :) xx