Wednesday, August 12, 2009

There is a song and there is Kirsten

Kirsten van Aarle @ ULLA Models (Amsterdam)

We know that models look different. One looks more cute. The other one like a Bambi. And the next one almost perhaps too perfect. When I saw her pictures in my post box, my first thought and impression was, she has it, the certainly special look. She reminds me total at this_song . It is uncanny and powerful like Kirsten. She has a gaze of an interesting divine expression. These eyes beat our minds, they are so mysterious like a deep sea. It is unique. Kirsten has a height of 178m and a sweet age of 16, perfect for fashion shows and editorials. She comes from the Netherlands and is with ULLA Models. Have a look at her last test which was photographed by Gilbert Francois .

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