Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Minke is a witch ..

Minke Boot @ New Models (Belgium)

There is another editorial in Material Girl that we would like to introduce here. It has the certainly coolness in a special mood. Well, the story is named, " Minke is a witch. " Minke is probably no witch, but she's definitely everythingelse, than normal. We would describe Minke as a face, who has coolness, cuteness and freshness in front of the camera. Especially in front of Sophia Van Hoek's camera. Minke is as well a face, who plays with the camera and who's variously in front of it. She's Dutch, 16 years old, has a silhouette of 175m. (78-60-88) and she's with New Models in Belgium. Minke is definitely one of the faces, who will have a great future. Make sure to keep an eye on her.

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