Monday, November 30, 2009

Ingerid Maska á la German Madame ...

Ingerid Maske @ fashion Model Management (Milan)

We are definitely liking the German Madame. We have never got that magazine as much as for example Vogue. But when we had a quick look inside the Madame, we found many nice surprises, like Luize Salmgrieze or Ingerid Maske, which you can see in the pictures above. Well, we had the great idea to show Ingerid's editorial here. It's a special kind, not the classical simply poses in front of a white background. It's more, flawless poses and an interesting background in a green magical garden with one of our favourite German photographer, Anja Frers. Especially Ingerid Maske has caught in our eyes. She's from Norway and with fashion Model Management in Milan. The mood in that editorial is simply outstanding. Each of her poses is simply unique. Her soft facial expression and the plating blonde hair, give the editorial the special touch of an editorial. Have a look on Ingerid's editorial.

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