Monday, November 9, 2009

One fairy-tale with Sandra

Sandra Tamosaityte @ Europe Centre Models (Lithuania)

Europe Centre Models have always many eye-catching new faces on their board, one of them is Sandra. She's very new, but we can see in her look, something really special, a big potential. We think Sandra is able to build a strong career with Europe Centre Models. She's now 17 years old and has a height of 175 centimeters (83-62-91). Sandra's face is really impressive, her blue eyes show a strong and very melancholy expression. Have a look on her first test pictures. Don't you think, that Sandra has a great presence ? She has it definitely. Sandra is very natural and confident in front of the camera. Write Sandra's name down. And follow her first steps in the modeling world.


  1. zinoma , Sandra Jaunute xDDD Ir mano PUssesere :DD

  2. bet nevalgo normalaus maisto.. tik kiviais minta xD

  3. gržios foto)(išskyrus antrą nuo virsaus xD) panele dar gražesnė ;) p.s vazeliną gražinsiu už kelių mėnesiu su tiuningu ;) jei busi gera ;P