Monday, January 25, 2010

Meet Alejandra

Alejandra Alonso @ Traffic Models (Spain)

We are back with another new face, which we would like to introduce here. She's probably cuter, than cute. Her name is Alejandra. She's Spanish, has a silhouette of 5'10 (177m. 84-62-90) and she's brand new on the board from Traffic Models. Alejandra has caught in our eyes through her look, she has something, what you can't overlook, it's definitely promising. Is it her well formed face, her powerful green eyes or her gaze, which is simply fresh ? It's probably the mix from all these factors, who make Alejandra so special. Well, the young beauty is a girl, who has the chance of a promising future with Traffic Models. Have a look on her images and make sure to keep an eye on her.


  1. łoł She is amazing !!.

  2. agree, the mix of fantastic feature is what majes her unique.

  3. Impresionant, the face of Isabeli Fontana but the style of Natasha Poly.
    Congratulations for your incredible blog

  4. does this girl have an NY agency?

  5. all these Spanish girls look the same

  6. She's so beautiful and has such expressive eyes!