Thursday, January 14, 2010

She's more unique than unique ...


Kimberly @ Ragazza Model Management (Netherlands)

She's more unique than unique and cuter than cute. She's new, brandnew on the board from Ragazza Model Management and she's thrilling our minds with her unusual look. We speak about Kimberly. Well, she has caught in our eyes from the first seconds on. Kimberly has such an unique face, dark brows, mysterious blue eyes, and a gaze, which is to describe with uniqueness. The young beauty is still in her development. Have a look on her three single pictures, isn't she promising ? Kimberly has nice attitudes in front of the camera. She's definitely a girl, who has the chance to build a promising future with Ragazza Model Management.


  1. beauitful, she looks so different, it's amazing,xxx

  2. There is no denying this girl has a unique look, but the last two photos make me uncertain about her....
    great blog!

  3. I love her, and i totally like the first picture + the headshot on the left, the one on the right isent that great ...

    But her face is indeed very promising...!