Thursday, March 25, 2010

Open your eyes, it's time to see Lotte ...

Lotte Ouwater @ BM Model Management (Netherlands)

There are many different kind of faces, one is more cute, the other one looks almost like a doll, and the next one is strong and eye-catching at the same time, like Lotte. She comes from the Netherlands. And has caught in our eyes through her special features in front of the camera. She has an interesting face shape, real cheekbones, facial expressions, that you can't discover twice - they are cute, strong and variously at the same time. Lotte is definitely promsing, she has beside her strong look also a silhouette of 5'10 (178m. 83-62-89). Lotte is now 16 years old and she was discovered by BM Model Management. We don't have doubts in her future. Make sure to have a look on her single pictures.