Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Silke is a miracle, isn't she ....

Silke de Nooijer @ Ma Tresors Qualité (The Netherlands)

Sometimes are three single pictures enough to discover the potential of a face. Silke is still very young, but she has something really special, that you won't find often. Is it her melancholy look ? Or, is it her impish gaze ? It's probably the mix from both, what makes her look so cute. Silke is Dutch, 15 years old, has a height of 5'7 (31-23-33) and she's brand new at the board from Ma Tresors Qualité. Well, she's not the tallest, but miracles are possible and Silke is definitely a miracle. She left her first marks already in editorials like, Elle, N.E.E.T Magazine and many others. Silke is in our eyes a girl, who is able to build a nice future with Ma tresor Qualite. Make sure to have a look on Silke's single pictures ...


  1. At the first glance Silke seems a cute little girl, but also exudes being somewhat uncertain.
    As i see her like this, it is first necessary for her to grow, physically and mentally, before she develops herself in the modelling world.
    Her trademark is her long hair, but I still miss things; her own style which makes Silke who she is.
    She has not her own special look, for a model she is a very ordinary girl.

    But no one know what the future will bring...

  2. We adore her and she's great to work with!!!
    We love her style.

    friedamaria studio

  3. she is beautifull, inside and out!

    today two very good photograhers could see that also and told me....

    so silke, stay who you are... xxxx