Monday, March 15, 2010

Yes, Justyna is brilliant ...

Justyna Gustad @ Izaio Models (Berlin)

We told you about Izaio Models and their great eyes for new discoveries. Well, Justyna is one of Izaio's newest discoveries. She's definitely one of the most interesting new faces, that we've seen in the past. Justyna has the certain touch of uniqueness in her look, that you can't overlook. In addition, she has a face, which is almost like a doll, but at the same time strong. Justyna has a confident and playful presence in front of the camera. She comes from Germany, is still very young, but she has already a silhouette of 5'9 (175m. 75-56-84). Justyna is in our eyes a girl, who'll have a promsing future in the business. She has all the factors, that a model should have. Make sure to keep an eye on Justyna and her future.


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