Monday, April 26, 2010

One girl to watch - Adela

Max1 Models (Romania)

She's talented and even more, than that. She's eye-catching, and has a potential, that is too big for a stop. Well, she's named Adela. And we have to say, we fell in love with Adela's look. Adela comes from Romania, is 16 years old and she was discovered by Max1 Models. (Max1 Models is one of the leading agencies in Romania with a small, but fine board). Adela isn't the tallest with a height of 5'7.5 (171m. 81-60-85), but sometimes, if the look is strong enough, if the body shape is well formed, and if you can discover the certain x-factor, then is a height of 171m. enough, like in Adela's case. We don't have doubts in her future. She has a face, that you can not overlook, and a gaze, which is cute and unique. Adela is a girl, that should be stayed in our minds. Make sure to have an eye on her brilliant polaroids.