Friday, April 23, 2010

Sonja by Anouk Morgan ...


Sonja @ Wilhemia Models (New York)

Yes, one thing is sure. We love Anouk Morgan. Her works are always thrilling our minds. They are simply fresh, playful and unique at the same time. Anouk Morgan is based in New York City and she had just finished her work with Sonja. Let's tell you more about Sonja. She's new in the modeling industry and she's one of the more interesting new faces at the board from Wilhemia Models in NY.(Sonja was discovered by A.I.M in Canada). She has a quite eye-catching look in front of the camera, and in addition she has a joyful presence, that you probably won't discover twice. Sonja is definitely promising, we don't have doubts in her. Well, she's now 5'10 tall (178m. 82-60-90). Make sure to have a look on Sonja's single pictures. There is a bright future in front of Sonja.

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