Monday, April 19, 2010

She's Dutch and she's brilliant

Anika @ House of Orange (The Netherlands)

There is something, that whispered us, that Anika is special. And yes, that's right, she's definitely special and she has caught in our eyes through her fresh look. Well, Anika has curly brown hair, dark eyes and a gaze, which is to describe with the certain touch of melancholy and cuteness. Her presence in front of the camera is confident and playful. Anika has a height of 5'9 (175m. 85-62-89). She's Dutch, still very young and she was discovered by House of Orange in Amsterdam. Anika is in our eyes a girl, who is able to build a strong future with House of Orange. She has all the factors, that a model should have. There aren't doubts in Anika. Make sure to keep an eye on her future.

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