Monday, December 21, 2009

Donna, Gwen & Esmé are flying kites ...

Donna Loos, Esmé Wissels, Gwen Loos @ Wilma Wakker (The Netherlands)

Well, we are loving Material Girl and we are definitely loving Donna, Esme & Gwen, who have an editorial inside the magazine, which is called "donna, gwen and esme are flying kites" We thought it would be a good idea to write some lines down about the three and their editorial.

Let's begin with Donna Loos, she's from the Netherlands, 16 years old and has a height of 5'11 (180m. 80-59-88). Donna's look is promising, a well formed face, intense blue eyes and a gaze, which is to describe with freshness. Her attitudes in front of the camera are pretty. The young beauty is with DNA in New York, Viva in London & Paris.
Last but not least Gwen Loos, Donna's twin sister. She's Dutch, also sweet 16 years old, and 5'10 (178m. 80-58-88) tall. Gwen is one of our all time favourites, she has an eye-catching look, a nice face-shape, blue piercing eyes and a gaze, which is simply cute. The young Dutch beauty made already her first steps on the Runways in shows like, Balenciaga, Nina Ricci, Valentino .... She's with Marilyn in New York & Paris.
Here we go on with Esmé Wissels. She's also Dutch, 17 years old, and has a silhouette of precious 5'11 (180m. 80-58-88). Esmé is brand new in the modelling world. We are in love with her doll look. A face, which is to compare with a work of art, uncanny gray eyes and a gaze, which is simply unique. She's with NEXT in London, Milan & Paris. There is no single doubt in Esmé.

All the three beauties were discovered by Wilma Wakker in Amsterdam. Their attitudes and expressions in front of Jolijn Snijder's camera are huge. Have a look on their simply great editorial. Well, it's time to go on with a little celebration, All about Models is now 6 months old...

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