Friday, December 11, 2009

Viviane goes super blond

Viviane Orth @ Way Models (Brazil)

We all know Viviane Orth as the talented and strong model, which we can see in a couple of precious magazines with impressive editorials, and on the most important fashion shows. Viviane, the 5'11 (180m. 78-59-89) tall beauty was discovered by Way Models in Brazilia and is with IMG Models worldwide. We would like to introduce the images of her new test here. She isn't only strong and impressive in them, she's more, super eye-catching and super blond. Vivian's new hair colour looks simply great to her pale skin, her dark brows and her facial expression. Open your eyes wide and have a look on them ...


  1. Simply gorgeous! Samira did you saw my comment at: ?! This brazilian photographers (Dudu Lima & Marco Mendez) are always great and surprise me all the time! I'm so proud to be friend of they ^^

    xoxo girl!
    I lov this post